Conisha office
Cheongna, Incheon


CONISHA is a Korean cosmetic brand specialized in the research and development of skincare products with focus on the basic beauty and pure ingredients.  
In its history started in 2013, it hasn’t grown so fast because of its insistence on quality ingredients, but it has achieved continuous growth every year at its own pace by building customer satisfaction.
CONISHA office of 360 m² includes a showroom of 99 m² and a meeting room, which shows its passion for aggressive marketing.
Following its brand image specialized in skincare with quality ingredients, we have tried to create the atmosphere and texture of the original finishing materials as naturally as possible in the interior design.
In addition, its showroom equipped with video conferencing facilities, which has become more useful in the Corona era, allows the brand image to stand out as much as possible during marketing meetings with global buyers.
12 curved walls in total have been applied to the interior of CONISHA office.
Curved shapes using wood, metal, and glass reflect the brand image that pursues high-quality products with easy accessibility, and at the same time create a natural flow of movement in the space.
Of course, in line with the basic purpose of the office, there is a separate break room that provides convenience, comfort, privacy, and relaxation for employees.